Green Man

The Green Man and Still

Coming down to the first part of the nineteenth century, we find that purveyors of medicinal and savory herbs then wandered over the whole of England in quest of such useful Simples as were in constant demand at most houses for the medicine-chest, the store chest, or the toilet-table. These rustic practitioners of the healing art were known as ‘green men,’ who carried with them their portable apparatus for distilling essences, and for preparing their herbal extracts. In token of such functionaries having formerly officiated in this capacity, there may yet be seen in London, and elsewhere about the country, taverns bearing the curious sign of ‘The Green Man and (his) Still.’

–––– Dr. William T. Fernie (1919, 8)

Botanology: The English Herbal: or, History of Plants...  by William Salmon, M.D.

Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak)

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