Slowly but Surely

In order to be an herbalist it is sometimes necessary to value the old and the ancient.  That’s one excuse for why I am so behind the times with modern cybertechnology.  Including this blog.  Slowly but surely, I am catching up.

After the fire in the guesthouse at Sunnyfield Herb Farm I ruminated for a long time.  That little farm was my residential true love.  I don’t believe I will ever be as happy living any other place.  However, the destruction of the guest house gave me options and I decided to sell it.  Maybe that was a mistake.  Maybe not.  I loved that place so much, but I also didn’t feel like it was the best place for me in the great scheme of things.  As a nationally known teacher of herbal medicine, was it best to be in Minnesota?  Did I want to stay in a climate I pretty much hated for the rest of my life?  Minnesota winters are not for me.  Then there are the mosquitoes.  I felt like I was in exile on my own land for ten months out of the year, due to cold or mosquitoes.  Finally, I knew the real estate market in 2004 was inflated.  I sold out on the last little blip of optimism, in the fall of 2004.

More personal bio later.  I am not the self-revealing type.

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